FullWell Portal Elevates Patient Care | 8.3.16

Without good data and systems, it is difficult to fully support proactive, preventive and targeted patient care in the current health care environment. The FullWell Community Portal arms Colorado Health Neighborhood (CHN) practices participating in ACO arrangements with actionable information that helps create a consistent and personalized approach in health care delivery. 
CHN Network provider Loar, Heble and Knight Family Physicians (LHK), volunteered to be an early user of the Portal upon release. Through several hours of guided, hands-on Portal instruction by FullWell and CHN team members, practice staff discovered the resources available within the system to more effectively manage, track and improve care to their accountable care organization (ACO) patients. They learned how to easily navigate the site’s offerings and take full advantage of its tools, reports and data analytics. Use of the Portal has become part of the LHK routine as they manage their CHN ACO attributed patients.
With several months of experience under their belts, one of LHK’s practice physicians, Theresa Heble, MD commented: “At first I was skeptical about the importance and urgency of integrating the FullWell Community Portal resources into our practice’s standard processes. Now, I’ll readily admit that fully adopting Portal tools has been essential to our continuing progress in elevating patient care and managing our CHN attributed lives most effectively. With the positive experience and level of success we’ve had at LHK, I highly recommend that all CHN network practices take advantage of the Portal and other performance improvement resources currently available.” 


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